Helix Settlement Tank

Helix Settlement Tank

Reduce maintenance on your Dedicated Koi Pond with the Helix Settlement Chamber pre-filter.

Heavy Solids and fish waste usually don't make it to a pond skimmer. They are usually to heavy and settle to the bottom, finding their way to the bottom drains of your pond. After entering the bottom drain they are sucked through the pond pump and into your filtration causing excessive waste to accumulate in your filter forcing you to clean or back wash more regularly, not to mention the havock this build up can cause on water quality and fish health.

Here is where the Helix Life Support System Settlement Chamber comes in. This large settlement tank prevents debris like leaves, stones, muck, and fish waste from ruining you water quality and reduces filter maintenance.

A typical setup would be to merge the Bottom Drain and Skimmer into a single Helix Settlement Chamber and then take your clean water from the Helix Settlement chamber to an external pump.

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Helix Settlement Tank
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