AlphaOne X2 LH2

AlphaOne X2 LH2

The AlphaONE X2 allows you to have two pumps and one large biological bead filter. No more large filter pads or fighting to find a location large enough for multiple filters!

If your Pond is 20,000 - 25,000 gallons and you want to turn it over about every 2 hours. You will need multiple pumps if you choose a 1/4 hp pump which will pump around 5000 gallons an hour. Until now you needed two filter systems to accomplish this and stay with energy efficient pumps or a giant pool pump moving 10,000 gallons an hour and costing you an arm and a leg in energy costs.

AlphaONE X2 resolves this issue.

With this filter you can run two 1/4 hp or two 1/3 hp pumps and only pull about 5 amps total with the 1/4 hp pumps or 7.6 amps total with the two 1/3 hp pumps.

The AlphaONE X2 is engineered in such a way that all valves and internals of the filter are double that of a regular filter. At no time does each pumps water pathway get smaller than a 2" opening. Every thing is double on this filter so that we maximize the flow potential of each pump. Everything is double on this filter except the price, you'll spend less money on 1 Medusa than installing 2 individual filters.

The AlphaONE X2 is designed with the same integrity as the AquaBead and AlphaONE filters. Designed to maximize the flow and efficiency of today's modern koi pond pumps.

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AlphaOne X2 LH2
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