EasyPro External Pump Skimmer

EasyPro External Pump Skimmer

This EasyPro skimmer is designed for use with external pond pumps and can be directly plumbed to a bottom drain via the 3" inlet on the side of the skimmer.

Due to the unique design, all incoming water via the skimmer weir flap and bottom suction are filtered through the debris net, minimizing solids in the pump and biofilter.

Handles flow rates up to 4500 Gallons Per Hour.

Skimmer measures approximately 20" x 15" x 19".

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EasyPro External Pump Skimmer
$ 215.99
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Waterways Renegade Liner Skimmer

Waterways Renegade Liner Skimmer

The Waterways Renegade is designed for external pond pumps and is capable of flow rates of up to 4500 Gallons Per Hour. It features one of the largest debris baskets on the market to aid in reduced pond...(click on product image for more details)

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